This YouTuber Exploits Celebrity Deaths For Views (Grant Thompson, Etika, Cameron Boyce, etc.)

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I have seen his "My Life Story In 8 Minutes (sad)" video. To me, it seems dishonest and manipulative. He seems to think very highly of himself but at the same time, he mentions how everyone hates him. He seems to be living in a delusional imaginative world and after watching it I am 100% sure something is wrong with him. He also mentions that he might have a paranoid personality disorder. He doesn't state whether or not he has it, he just says that he gave up. I'm not sure if he is suffering from that disorder but I am sure he is suffering from some sort of disorder. He also mentions suicidal thoughts but if he had that, then why make fun and exploit Etika? He would have related to him then. It doesn't make sense. He also says that fans have hit him up in dm's saying that they are inspired by him. I doubt that. Anyways, if you want me to make a video about that video. Let me know cause, for now, this video is more than enough. Peace.

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