35 MINIATURE FOOD & THINGS IDEAS TO DIY | Spaghetti, Egg Tray, Princles Potato Chips and more !!!

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Hacks and Crafts of 35 EASY DIY MINIATURE IDEAS
- DIY Miniature Kitchen Electric Kettle
- How To Make miniature Slime " Slime DIY "
- DIY Miniature Kitchen Sponges with realistic label
- DIY miniature Fairy Dishwashing Liquid with label
- DIY Spaghetti Barilla with realistic mini pack
- DIY miniature realistic Ketchup Bottle
- How to make miniature Mustard Bottle
- DIY miniature Mayonaise
- How to make miniature Raspberry Swiss Roll Cake

- DIY miniature Cooking Pot with cool realistic Cover
- DIY Miniature Egg Tray with six eggs
- DIY Princles Potato Chips
- How to make Lipton Tea, Pyramid Tea Bags

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