TLCW Xenoxis Episode 21 Vengeance Demonhunter Warmode Part 2

Xenoxis Xavius Xistus
Gaming 37:55
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This was recorded on ye old PC and yes i know i havent uploaded in a pretty long time and heck i even took quite a few days off from playing games aswell although i did play some yesterday briefly mostly too log into hearthstone and D3 to get the asmo pet.

Also apprently we be getting pirates as next expansion/stranglethorn vale was hoping for a christmas expansion oh but wait WHAT IF ITS CHRISTMAS PIRATES ohhh sorry Winter Pirates because otherwise its to offensive OMEGALUL.

Because you know you cant call it Christmas Market(Julmarknad) anymore better call it Winter Market (Vintermarknad) instead.

Also if you saw my Blizzcon predictions vlogg or whatever i called it i had several ideas of what the diablo thing could be.

I mean if it would be an MMO it probably wouldnt be like World of Diablo, more like World of Sanctuary but i actually think Realm of Sanctuary makes the most sense since they have called Sanctuary a realm before also if they are doing a Remaster i would rather see like a double one like Diablo 1/2 Remaster at the same time or maybye a Remake of 1 rather since its rather short or not super varied i mean the first one.

Although its been a long time since i played it so i might be remembering wrong ofcourse it takes long the first time although depends on how much you wanna do and what class you play.

Also would they call a hearthstone like diablo game town portal it seems silly maybye horadric something instead.

Or maybye Omega Slaying Fight Diablolz with super many Diablo fighterus and Warcraft assists and flying upside down universes and cheesesauce and, AND dohhhh out of space i mean DOHHH I MISSSEEEDDD!!!!
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