Jermaine Dupri Interview: Signing Miss Mulatto, Creating R&B, Future of Genre, Industry Perspective

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When Jermaine Dupri introduced his new show The Rap Game earlier this year, it should have been a surprise to no one that he set out to create something that nobody else was doing. The show led him to signing new teenage artist Miss Mulatto and give him another potential star to create history with. After all, he's been there at the start of the careers of many superstars and he's always had a knack for carving out his own lane rather than following trends. He doesn't appear set to stop changing the game anytime soon. We sat down with him in a recent interview and discussed what excited him about working with Miss Mulatto, whether he's given up on r&b even though it's not selling, working on Jagged Edge's "JE Heartbreak" album, reflections of Usher, and much more.