Best of Public Pranks (So Far..)

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A video compilation of our best pranks so far. Enjoy!

Watch the extended (uncut) version here:

Links for the full videos (in their order of appearance):

Run For Your Life Prank:

Halloween Exorcism Prank:

Anti Gravity Boxes Prank:

Blind Man Attacking People Prank:

Elevator of Doom Prank:

Confusing People Prank:

Hiring Pranksters As Waiters:

Elevator of Doom Prank 2:

Trashman Prank:

Freezing Time Prank:

Santa Drops Presents on People Prank:

Hand Through Stomach Prank:

Attacking Strangers With Paper Airstrikes Prank:

Watching Strangers (Staring Prank):

Best Of Mannequin Pranks:

Staring Apocalypse Prank:

Sneezing on People Prank:

Fake Angry Dog Prank:

Ninja In A Box Prank:

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