Pull Tab Pyrotechnics | Grant Thompson Shows How To Make The Best Homemade Pull Tab Smoke Grenades

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Interested in how to make a homemade pull tab smoke grenade? Using matchbook, fuse, homemade rocket fuel ( read that right), and a few other items can create an awesome and effective DIY smoke ball, smoke grenade, or fire starters. TKOR shows you EVERYTHING you need to know how to make a homemade fuse. Putting together a DIY fuse can be time consuming and and super messy! But it doesn’t have to be. Creating a DIY firestarter or fuse is actually quite simple! Let's see what we can come up with today to put our new matchbook fuse ignitors to good use.

Grant Thompson explores the fuse igniter basics: the matches, fuse material, the physics in a previous video. In this...we put together some random around-the-house items plus homemade potassium nitrate to make the ultimate smoke bomb. King Of Random has the tips, tricks and fire secrets to creating the best smoke grenade! This was one of the most practical DIY projects TKOR has attempted!

Making a homemade pull tab smoke grenade is well worth it! This matchbook igniter + homemade smoke bomb project is as easy as it looks, but ONLY if you avoid the mistakes and follow the instructions we highlight in the video. This is perfect for those wanting to know how to make fire starters, how to create a tnt smoke grenade, how to make a pyrotechnic initiator, homemade grenade pin, pyrotechnics, homemade fuse, homemade missiles, flint bombs, how to make a grenade, homemade pyrotech, grenade firework, smoke bomb, matchbook igniter, pull ring fuse, smoke grenade, how to make fire with matchbook fuse, and many more.

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