Handcuff Comparison

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ASP? HIAT? Smith and Wsson? Peerless? Chain? Rigid? Hinge? We talk about all varieties of handcuffs today! ....Check out my WEBSITE for the latest updates on the channel

Handcuffs Chain:
Smith and Wesson model 100 black:
Smith and Wesson model 100 silver:
Asp chain handcuffs:
peerless chain cuffs:
hiat handcuffs:

Handcuffs Hinge:
Smith and Wesson model 300 black:
Smith and Wesson model 300 Silver:
Asp hinged handcuffs:
peerless hinged cuffs:

rigid cuffs:
asp folding rigid folding cuffa
Hiat/safariland rigid handcuffs

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