Revolt At Blizzard: Workers Upset Over Salaries, Leak

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Diablo Immortal update: to enter internal testing soon; Diablo 2 remastered via AI; Blizzard employees taking first steps to unionizing; virtual Blizzcon confirmed for early 2021; Blizzard adds Reckful NPC to WoW; USA blocking Tencent; Activision Blizzard Q2 earnings call; next Path of Exile expansion release date; new Last Epoch patch; New Mortal Shell release date trailer.

Time stamps:
00:00 Intro
00:40 Mortal Shell
00:59 Tencent
01:29 Activision Blizzard
06:35 Reckful & WoW
07:14 Path of Exile
07:32 Last Epoch
07:52 Diablo

New Mortal Shell trailer:
Activision Blizzard earnings call transcript:
Blizzard employees 1:
Blizzard Employees 2:
Reckful in WoW:
Next Path of Exile expansion date:
Last Epoch patch video:
Last Epoch patch notes:
Last Epoch new item tier:
Diablo Immortal blog post:
Diablo 2 AI remaster:
Diablols 2:

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