Halloween Candy You Should Absolutely Never Eat

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Remember how when you were a kid, some Halloween candies made you cackle with glee, while others were immediately consigned to the "I'll eat this when all the good candies are gone" pile? Not all Halloween candy is created equal, and you don't want to end up being that person in the neighborhood who only gives out subpar candy. Or worse, the person eating subpar candy. Here's a rundown of what you should eat right away, and the candy you should just leave in the candy aisle...

Enjoy your Reese's Peanut Butter Cups | 0:24
Dump the candy corn | 0:57
Devour that Twix | 1:23
Trash the Smarties | 1:56
Savor the Starburst | 2:15
Say no to 3 Musketeers | 2:43
Eat the rainbow with Skittles | 3:07
Nix the Dots | 3:26
Keep the Snickers | 3:39
Pass on Tootsie Fruit Rolls | 4:14

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