Mom Says She's Angry Kids Blame Her For Chaotic Childhood And They Need To Move On From Past

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Janet’s children accuse her of being an absent and neglectful mother who didn’t provide stability while they were growing up. One daughter, Danielle, even accuses her of witnessing her being abused multiple times and not preventing it.

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Janet, however, says she felt she did the best she could at the time as a single mom. “As a mother, I never felt like I was purposefully neglectful,” she says. “I had moved the children a lot because of my job. I feel that my children had stability in their lives. They just didn’t feel it.”

Janet admits there were six men in her life while her children were growing up because she didn’t like to be alone. “The men that I brought into my children’s lives I do not consider that they were ever abusive to my kids,” she says. “Even though they did get physical with them sometimes, it was more a matter of restraining them or trying to get them to go to their room.”

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Janet says her children are now adults and it’s time to move on. “My children blame me for what happened in the past, and that pisses me off,” she says. “Let’s look at tomorrow and get on with it.”

Hear more from Janet in the video above, including about her contentious relationship with Danielle since she was a child.

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