THE FUN IN LIFE (Official Music Video) ft. Pierre Bouvier of SIMPLE PLAN & Scotty Sire

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We set 10 GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS during the making of "The Fun In Life" ft. Pierre Bouvier (Simple Plan) & Scotty Sire! MAKE SURE to share this song with someone who might be having a bad day!!

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Other friends in Video:
Sam Golbach, Colby Brock, Corey Scherer, Jake Webber, Corbin Reinhardt, Corey Funk, Jay Walker

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The 10 GUINNESS WORLD RECORD titles were set in Los Angeles CA on January 26th 2019.

The BMX Riders that participated in the records for Team Soil were:
TJ Ellis | Anthony Napolitan | James Foster | Mike Hucker Clark
Dylan Stark | Dan Norvell | Cory Nastazio | Joey Cordova
Larry Edgar | Chris Hughes | Shane Davies

Video Directed By: Elton Castee

Song Written By: Elton Castee
Song Produced By: Hamster
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THE FUN IN LIFE (Official Music Video) ft. Pierre Bouvier of SIMPLE PLAN & Scotty Sire